The Paladin brothers vineyard is a realty rooted in the territory since the end of the 1960s. Giovanni and Armando, sons of Andrea Paladin, began this wine venture with their father, driven by a great passion for the land and the cultivation of grapes.

Today, also with the help of Armando’s children, Pamela and Andrea, the vineyard has grown to become a modern and productive realty which employs avant-garde cultivation techniques and the most advanced production technologies, to constantly guarantee the high quality of its wines.

The great patrimony of tradition and experience inherited from the grandparents has been handed down to the grandchildren as well, respecting nature and its fruits. The passion for work drives the Paladin farm towards always newer and more important goals, with the warmth and the hospitality that characterize only eminent families who never forget their origins.

CANTINE SAN BARTOLOMEO F.lli Paladin Azenda Agricola